Flying T Club Q&A

Q- What is the Flying T Club?

A- The Flying T Club is a 510(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting the brand development of TCU student-athletes through a series of unique event-based networking opportunities, which are exclusive to our donors. The Flying T Club is the premier NIL group for individual donors and supporters of TCU athletics. 


Q- What does NIL mean?

A- NIL stands for "Name, Image, and Likeness". In short, the NCAA has removed legislation that now allows for college athletes to use their platform for monetization of their persona/brand. You can learn more here.

Q- Who started the club?

A- The club is volunteer-led and was founded by multi-generational TCU alumni to help support TCU student-athletes in a rapidly evolving NIL environment.  The founders enlisted the help of 10 generous TCU Alumni to raise seed money to support the start of the club in September 2021.


Q- What athletes are being supported now and what are the plans for the future?

A- We currently support over 20 TCU football, baseball and basketball players with plans to more as membership allows. 


Q- How does the Flying T Club decide on the allocation of funds to the different student-athletes? 

A- Flying T Club has a dedicated a 10 person advisory board that determines the allocation of club funds. 


Q- Is the Flying T Club affiliated with TCU?

A- We are entirely independent of TCU, but the Club works directly with the TCU compliance department to ensure the Club remains compliant. 


Q- Where are events held?

A- The Club hosts Spring and Fall events in Dallas and Ft. Worth. If you're interested in hosting in a different market, email us at 


Q- What does my donor level get me?

A- You can find info on what each donor level offers below:





Q- Does the Flying T Club take donations of all sizes? 

A- Yes, the club takes donations of all sizes. If you would like to directly donate to the club, please email us at or check out our Club Donation tier here.


Q- How long does a membership last?

A- The memberships are on an annual basis, although this may be subject to change as the club continues to grow and evolve.


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